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JLPT N4 Kanji: 堂 (dou)

JLPT N4 Kanji: (dou)

Meaning: Hall; public chamber; shrine

How to Read:
Onyomi: ドウ (dou)


How to write 堂:

Common Words Using 堂:
食堂 (しょくどう) : dining room; dining hall; cafeteria

講堂 (こうどう) : auditorium; lecture hall

堂々 (どうどう) : magnificent, grand, impressive, dignified, majestic

公会堂 (こうかいどう) : town hall; public hall

会堂 (かいどう) : church; chapel

一堂 (いちどう) : one building (hall, temple, shrine, room)

議事堂 (ぎじどう) : assembly hall, parliament house, diet building, capitol