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JLPT N2 Grammar: たちまち (tachimachi)

たちまち (tachimachi)

Meaning: right away; in a moment; quickly ; instantly

Used to describe things that happen in a very short, immediate time. And things suddenly arise.

Example sentences:
1, 雑誌はたちまち売り切れた。
Zasshi wa tachimachi urikireta.
The magazine sold out instantly.

2, その知らせはたちまち広いまった。
Sono shirase wa tachimachi hiroi matta.
That announcement was immediately spread wide

3, 悪い噂はたちまち伝わる。
Warui uwasa wa tachimachi tsutawaru.
Bad rumors immediately was spread

4, その船はたちまち沈んだ。
Sono fune wa tachimachi shizunda.
The ship sank in a flash.

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