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Download 日本語文法演習 話し手の気持ちを表す表現 – モダリティ・終助詞 上級 (日本語文法演習-上級-) PDF

日本語文法演習 話し手の気持ちを表す表現 – モダリティ・終助詞 上級 (日本語文法演習-上級-)
Nihongo Bunpo Enshu

The purpose of the Nihongo Sogo Enshu series is to organize and explain grammar in an easy-to-understand manner and have the learner practice how to use it, thereby ensuring he/she uses advanced-level Japanese appropriately. The learner follows a process of discovering a grammar rule while solving a problem, and then confirming the usage through practice. Finally, the learner does comprehensive practice as a summary of what has been learnt.
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