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JLPT N5 Grammar : なくちゃいけない (nakucha ikenai)

なくちゃいけない (nakucha ikenai)

Meaning: say necessary to do something, must, have to do

The verb form ない remove い is replaced by なくちゃいけない
There is a need to do something.

Example sentences:
1, 食べなくちゃいけない。
Tabenakucha ikenai.
I have to eat.

2, 10時前に寝なくちゃいけない。
10-Ji mae ni nenakucha ikenai.
I have to sleep before 10 o’clock.

3, 毎日勉強しなくちゃいけない。
Mainichi benkyō shinakucha ikenai.
I have to study every day.

This sentence is equivalent to the sentence mẫu なくてはいけない。
However, people use the sentence pattern なくちゃいけない to express it in spoken language.