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Learn N3 Kanji Unit 13: 営, 閉, 案, 内, 予

Learn N3 Kanji Unit 13: 営, 閉, 案, 内, 予


Meaning : occupation, camp, perform, build, conduct (business)

Onyomi : えい
Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji:
経営 (けいえい): management; administration; operation; running (a business); conducting
運営 (うんえい): management; administration; operation
陣営 (じんえい): camp (supporters of a doctrine, party, etc.); faction (of a party)
設営 (せつえい): setting up (a structure, building, camp, etc.)
市営 (しえい): (under) municipal management (transport, housing, etc.)
営利 (えいり): money-making; commercialized; commercialised
野営 (やえい): camping; campground; making camp
自営 (じえい): running one’s own business

営業(えいぎょう):business; trade; sales; operations​
営み (いとなみ): activity, action, performance, execution, occupation, business


Meaning : closed, shut

Onyomi : へい
Kunyomi : し-まる、し-める

Common words using this Kanji:
閉会 (へいかい): closure (of a ceremony, event, meeting, etc.)
閉口 (へいこう): to be stumped; to be at a loss
閉店 (へいてん): closing up shop (for the day)
閉山 (へいざん):ending the climbing season
閉校 (へいこう): closing a school (for the day)
閉園 (へいえん): closing of a park
閉鎖 (へいさ): closing; closure

開閉(かいへい):close and open
閉まる(しまる):be closed, shut
閉める(しめる):close, shut (transitive verb)


Meaning : plan, suggestion, draft, ponder, fear, proposition, idea, expectation, worry, table, bench

Onyomi : あん
Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji
案内 (あんない): guidance; leading (the way); showing around
提案 (ていあん): proposal; proposition; suggestion
答案 (とうあん): examination paper; examination script; answer sheet
案外 (あんがい): unexpectedly; surprisingly
立案 (りつあん): planning; devising (a plan)
発案 (はつあん): suggestion; proposition; proposal; idea
名案 (めいあん): good idea
一案 (いちあん): idea; plan

案(あん):idea; plan; thought​


Meaning : inside, within, between, among, house, home

Onyomi : ない
Kunyomi : うち

Common words using this Kanji:
内容 (ないよう): subject, contents, detail
市内 (しない): within a city, local
車内 (しゃない): inside a car, train

以内(いない):within; inside of; less than​
内側(うちがわ):inside; interior; inner part
国内(こくない):internal; domestic​


Meaning : beforehand

Onyomi : よ
Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji:
予想 (よそう): expectation
予感 (よかん): presentiment
予言 (よげん): prediction, prophecy
予期 (よき): expectation
予約 (よやく): reservation
予知 (よち): foresight, prediction
予備 (よび): preparation
予算 (よさん): estimate, budget

予定(よてい):plans; arrangement; schedule;
予習(よしゅう):preparation for a lesson​