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JLPT N5 Grammar: と同じ (to onaji)

と同じ (to onaji)

Meaning: Same as; identica

Describe the two things the same in both nature and form.

Example sentences:
1, この本はあの本と出版社が同じだ。
Kono hon hā no hon to shubbansha ga onajida.
This book is the same publisher as that book.

2, あの人が食べているのと同じものをく ださい。
Ano hito ga tabete iru no to onaji mono o ku dasa i.
Give me the same food as that person is eating.

3, このステレオはうちのと同じだ。
Kono sutereo wa uchi no to onajida.
This cassette is similar to in my home.

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