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JLPT N5 Grammar: たことがある (ta koto ga aru)

たことがある (ta koto ga aru)

Meaning: have done something before ; Used to; Have been

How to use the: Verb-plain past + ことがある

Refers to an action that has occurred in the past

Example sentences:
1, その本あら子供の頃読んだことがあります。
Sono hon Ara kodomo no koro yonda koto ga arimasu.
I have read that book when I was a kid.

2, やはしさんにはこれまでに2度お会いしたことがあります。
Ya hashi-san ni wa kore made ni 2-do o ai shita koto ga arimasu.
Up to now, I’ve met Yahashi twice.

3. あなたはその階段を使ったことがあるの?
anata wa sono kaidan o tsukatta koto ga aru no.
Have you ever used one of these stairways?

4, 私は東京に行ったことがあります。
Watashi wa Tōkyō ni itta koto ga arimasu.
I have been to Tokyo.

Where want to express the question with intent
“Have you been ~ ever?” then we add the auxiliary [か] after the sentence pattern

Nihon e itta koto ga arimasu ka?
Have you ever been to Japan?

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