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JLPT N5 Grammar: に (ni)

に (ni)

Meaning: in, at, on, to

How to use the: Noun + に

When we want to talk about a time when certain actions occur, we add the adjective 「に」 and after the noun indicating time. Use 「に」 for actions that occur for a short time. 「に」 is used when the noun of time has an accompanying number. However, in case of weekdays, you can use or not use 「に」

Example sentences:
1. 7時に起きます。
7-Ji ni okimasu.
I get up at 7 o’clock.

2. 2月1日に日本へ行きました。
2 Tsuki 1-nichi ni Nihon e ikima shita.
I went to Japan on February 1st.

3. 週末「に」友達の家へ行きます。
Shūmatsu `ni’ tomodachi no ie e ikimasu.
Weekend I (will) go to your home