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Learn N3 Kanji Unit 30: 表, 裏, 留, 守, 濃

Learn N3 Kanji Unit 30: 表, 裏, 留, 守, 濃


Meaning : surface, table, chart, diagram

Onyomi : ひょう
Kunyomi : おもて, あらわ-す

Common words using this Kanji:

表(おもて):face (i.e. the visible side of an object)​
発表(はっぴょう):announcement; publication;
表面(ひょうめん):surface; face
表現(ひょうげん):expression; presentation​
表す(あらわす):to represent; to signify; to stand for​
代表(だいひょう):representative; representation; delegation; type; example; model


Meaning : back, amidst, in, reverse, inside, palm, sole, rear, lining, wrong side

Onyomi :
Kunyomi : うら

Common words using this Kanji:
脳裏 (のうり): one’s mind
内裏 (だいり): imperial palace
影裏 (えいり): shade

裏(うら):bottom (or another side that is hidden from view); undersurface; opposite side; reverse side
裏返し(うらがえし):inside out; upside down​
裏目 (うらめ): reverse side
裏腹 (うらはら): opposite; reverse; contrary
裏面 (うらめん): back (side); reverse; other side


Meaning : detain, fasten, halt, stop

Onyomi : りゅう, る
Kunyomi : と-める

Common words using this Kanji:
駐留 (ちゅうりゅう): stationing (e.g. of troops), garrison
在留 (ざいりゅう): residing (esp. abroad), staying

留学(りゅうがく):studying abroad (usu. at university level)​
留守番(るすばん):house-watching; staying at home​
保留(ほりゅう):reserve; putting on hold; deferment​
書留(かきとめ):registered mail
留守 (るす): absence, being away from home, house-sitting, house-sitter


Meaning : guard, protect, defend, obey

Onyomi : しゅ, す
Kunyomi : まも-る

Common words using this Kanji:
守備(しゅび):defense; defence
保守 (ほしゅ): maintenance
守衛 (しゅえい): security guard; doorkeeper
看守 (かんしゅ): prison guard; warder; jailer; gaoler
攻守 (こうしゅ): offense and defense
固守 (こしゅ): clinging
守護 (しゅご): protection; safeguard

守る(まもる):to protect; to guard; to defend
留守(るす):absence; being away from home​


Meaning : concentrated, thick, dark, undiluted

Onyomi : のう
Kunyomi : こ-い

Common words using this Kanji:
濃い(こい): deep (colour); dark​
濃度(のうど):concentration; thickness; density​