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JLPT N5 Grammar: も (mo)

も (mo)

Meaning: also, too, as well

How to use the: Noun + も

Use a description of things / properties / actions similar to a given object / property / action. (to avoid repeating the noun は / verb repeatedly)

Example sentences:
1. 山田さんは本を読むことが好きです。私も同じです
Yamada-san wa hon o yomu koto ga sukidesu. Watashi mo onajidesu
Mr. Yamada likes to read books. Me too

2. あなたの家には犬が9もいるんですか?
Anata no ie ni wa inu ga 9 mo iru ndesu ka?
Are there 9 dogs in your house?

3. 昨日忙しくて寝る時間もありませんですた。
Kinō iso gashikute neru jikan mo arima sende suta.
Yesterday was so busy, there was no time to sleep.

“も” has the same function as “は”, “が”, so it is not adjacent to “は”, “が” when used for a subject.

で/ と/ へ/ など も~
Kyūjit sude suga, doko e moi ikemasen.
Holidays like that but not going anywhere.