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JLPT N5 Grammar : ませんか (masen ka)

ませんか (masen ka)

Meaning: let’s, won’t you, wouldn’t you

How to use the: Verb-polite negative form + ませんか

This sentence pattern is used to invite or ask listeners to do something together.

Example sentences:
1, いっしょに食べませんか?
Issho ni tabemasen ka?
Would you like to eat with me?

2, いっしょに旅行へ行きませんか?
Issho ni ryokō e ikimasen ka?
Do you travel with me?

3, 明日東京ディズニーランドに行きませんか?
ashita toukyou dizuniirando ni ikimasen ka?
Won’t you go to Tokyo Disneyland tomorrow?

4, 塩を作ってくれませんか?
Shio o tsukutte kuremasen ka?
Can you take salt for me please?

5, いっしょにカラオケへ行きませんか
Issho ni karaoke e ikimasen ka
Let’s go to karaoke

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