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JLPT N5 Grammar: がいます (ga imasu)

がいます (ga imasu) : emphasis on location

Meaning: There is, There are, has

This form is used to talk about the residence, the existence of humans and animals. People, animals here will be the subject of the sentence, and are denoted by the auxiliary expression 「が」.「が い ま す」 Used for moving objects like humans and animals

Example sentences:
1. 女の子がいます。
On’nanoko ga imasu.
There is a girl.

2. 五匹犬がいます。
Go-biki inu ga imasu.
There are five dogs.

3. 窓の後ろに猫がいます。
Mado no ushironi neko ga imasu.
There is a cat behind the window.

4. このクラスには25人がいます。
Kono kurasu ni wa 25-ri ga imasu.
This class has 25 people