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JLPT N4 Grammar: 全然~ない (zenzen~nai)

全然~ない (zenzen~nai)

Meaning: (not) at all

How to use the: 全然 + Verb-ないform

Adverbs denote the degree, and when they function as a modifier, they are preceded by the verb.
Meaning completely … no, always go with the negative sentence.

Example sentences:
1, お金が全然ありません。
Okane ga zenzen arimasen.
I have no money.

2, 全然分かりません
Zenzen wakarimasen
I totally do not understand.

3, ケーキを作るなんて全然できない。
keeki o tsukuru nante zenzen dekinai.
There’s no way I can make a cake.

4, 政治については全然興味がない。
seiji ni tsuite wa zenzen kyoumi ga nai.
I have no interest in politics.

「全然」 You can also use modifiers for adjectives

Kono Moto wa zenzen omoshirokunaidesu.
This book is not interesting at all.