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JLPT N5 Grammar: や (ya)

や (ya)

Meaning: and

How to use the: Noun + や + Noun

The auxiliary 「や」 is used when we want to list nouns. The adjective 「や」 is used to list some typical subjects (two or more nouns). We can use the adjective 「など」 at the end of a noun to clearly indicate that there are objects other than the object mentioned.

Example sentences:
1, 机の上に本やペンなどがあります。
Tsukue no ue ni hon ya pen nado ga arimasu.
There are books and pens on the desk.

2, 音楽や芸術や、そういったものは得手じゃありません。
ongaku ya geijutsu ya, sou itta mono wa ete ja arimasen.
I’m no good at music and art and such things.

3, 袋の中にお金や写真などがあります。
Fukuro no naka ni okane ya shashin nado ga arimasu.
In bag have money and pictures.

4, アユミは深刻な病気や、ほかの困難に打ち勝った。
ayumi wa shinkoku na byouki ya, hoka no konnan ni uchikatta.
Ayumi overcame a serious illness and other challenges.

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