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JLPT N5 Grammar: と (to)

と (to)

Meaning: and, with

How to use the: Noun + と + Noun

We use the expression と to indicate that an object (human or animal) performs the same action.

Example sentences:
1. 公園に友達と散歩します。
Kōen ni tomodachi to sanpo shimasu.
I walked with friends in the park.

2. 同僚 とアメリカへ出張 します。
Dōryō to amerika e shutchō shimasu.
I’m on a business trip with a colleague to the United States.

In the case of a single action, use 「ひ と り で」. In this case, the expression 「と」 is not used.

Hitori de sūpā e ikimasu.
I go to the supermarket alone