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JLPT N5 Grammar: なければなりません (nakereba narimasen)

なければなりません (nakereba narimasen)

Meaning: Must

This sentence pattern indicates that an object must do something regardless of the object’s intention to take action. Note that this sentence pattern has no negative meaning

Example sentences:
1, 薬を飲まなければなりません。
Kusuri o noma nakereba narimasen.
I have to take medicine.

2, 毎日一時間日本語を勉強しなければなりません。
Mainichi ichijikan nihongo o benkyō shinakereba narimasen.
You must study Japanese for an hour every day.

3, 先生は英語が分かりません、日本語が話さなければなりません。
Sensei wa eigogawakarimasen, nihongo ga hanasanakereba narimasen.
Teachers do not know English, so must speak Japanese

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