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JLPT N5 Kanji: 万 (man)

JLPT N5 Kanji: (man)

Meaning: Ten Thousand

How to Read:
Onyomi: マン (man)、 バン (ban)

How to write 万:

Common Words Using 万:
万 (まん) : ten thousand

一万 (いちまん) : ten thousand

二万 (にまん) : twenty thousand

十万 (じゅうまん) : one hundred thousand

万一 (まんいち) : emergency; unlikely event

万が一 (まんがいち) : if by any chance; just in case; in the worst case

万能 (ばんのう) : all-purpose; utility; universal

万代 (ばんだい) : thousands of years, eternity, all generations

万事 (ばんじ) : all; everything

万全 (ばんぜん) : perfection; flawlessness

万人 (ばんにん) : all people; everybody

万国 (ばんこく) : all countries; the whole world; universal; all nations

百万 (ひゃくまん) : 1,000,000; one million

千万 (せんばん) : exceedingly, very many, very much, indeed, a great many

万引き (まんびき) : shoplifting; shoplifter