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Commercial terminology in Japanese

Commercial terminology in Japanese – [契約用語] 1. 契約 (けいやく) : Contract 2. 解約 (かいやく) : Cancellation of contract 3.契約終了時 (けいやくしゅうりょうじ) : upon termination of the agreement 4. 賃貸借契約 (ちんたいしゃくけいやく) : Lease Contract 5. 売買契約 (ばいばいけいやく) : a sale-contract 6. 輸送契約 (ゆそうけいやく) : Transportation contract; freight contract 7. 消費賃貸契約 (しょうひちんたいけいやく) : …

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Ways to Say Thank You in Japanese

Ways to Say Thank You in Japanese Say Thank You in Japanese Thanks どうも Thank you / Thanks a lot ありがとう・どうもありがとう Thank you ありがとうございます Thank you very much どうもありがとうございます Thank you for your trouble (lit.) すみません Thank you for your troubles 恐れ入ります Thank you very much for your help. お力添えいただき、誠にありがとうございます …

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Genki Japanese – げんき

Genki Japanese – げんき Word word This is an Excel file in which the words to be learned in all Genki classes are arranged in the Japanese syllabary order. The data includes English translation and the number of lessons, as well as information on the part of speech classification. The …

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Write Email in Japanese

Tutorial Write Email in Japanese Business Email in Japanese ビジネスメールの 書き方講座 Content instructions detail how to write email and issues to note while write Emails in Japanese Full Japanese documents for Intermediate Level and above. Wishing everyone good study and exam. Download : Here

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