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JLPT N5 Kanji: 本 (hon)

JLPT N5 Kanji: (hon)

Meaning: Book; present

How to Read:
Onyomi: ホン (hon)

Kunyomi: もと (moto)

How to write 本:

Common Words Using 本:
本 (ほん) : book
一本気 (いっぽんぎ) : one track mind, single mindedness
本社 (ほんしゃ) : headquarters, head office, company headquarters
全日本 (ぜんにほん) : all Japan, all of Japan
本当に (ほんとうに) : really, truly
本屋 (ほんや) : bookstore, bookshop
日本 (にほん) : Japan
日本語 (にほんご) : Japanese (language)
本の (ほんの) : mere; only; just; slight​
本気 (ほんき) : seriousness; earnestness; truth
本音 (ほんね) : real intention; motive; true opinion; what one really thinks
本棚 (ほんだな) : bookshelves; bookshelf; bookcase
本当 (ほんとう) : truth; reality; actuality; fact
本物 (ほんもの) : genuine article; real thing; real deal​
本能 (ほんのう) : instinct
基本 (きほん) : basics; fundamentals; basis; foundation
本質 (ほんしつ) : essence; true nature; substance; reality
本人 (ほんにん) : the person in question; the person themselves; said person
本来 (ほんらい) : originally; primarily
本位 (ほんい) : standard, basis, principle
配本 (はいほん) : distribution of books
脚本 (きゃくほん) : script; screenplay; scenario
見本 (みほん) : sample; specimen; pattern
本部 (ほんぶ) : headquarters; head office; main office
本体 (ほんたい) : substance; real form; main part; main unit; body (of a machine)
大本 (おおもと) : root, origin, source, cause, basis, foundation
松本 (まつもと) : Matsumoto (city in Japan)