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Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 25

Basic Japanese Phrases – Part 25
Japanese Phrases for Beginners
Basic Japanese vocabulary
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Share with you the list of basic Japanese vocabulary.

Kanji Hiragana/ Katakana Meaning
たね (1) seed, (2) material, (3) cause, source
種類 しゅるい variety, kind, type
いね rice-plant
稼ぐ かせぐ to earn income, to labor
穀物 こくもつ grain, cereal, corn
積もる つもる to pile up
積極的 せっきょくてき positive, active, proactive
穏やか おだやか calm, gentle, quiet
あな hole
から empty
空き あき room, time to spare, emptiness
空く すく (1) to open, to become empty, (2) to be less crowded
突然 とつぜん abruptly, suddenly, unexpectedly, all at once
立ち上がる たちあがる to stand up
立場 たちば standpoint, position, situation
立派 りっぱ splendid, fine, handsome, elegant, imposing, prominent
しょう (1) chapter, section, (2) medal
はし end (e.g. of street), edge, tip, margin, point
競技 きょうぎ game, match, contest
笑い わらい laugh, laughter, smile
笑顔 えがお smiling face
ふえ flute, pipe
ふで writing brush
など et cetera, etc., and the like
等しい ひとしい equal
すじ muscle, string, line
筋肉 きんにく muscle, sinew
答案 とうあん examination paper, examination script
くだ pipe, tube
管理 かんり control, management (e.g. of a business)
ふし tune, tone, knot, knob, point
節約 せつやく economising, saving
範囲 はんい extent, scope, sphere, range
かご basket, cage
こな flour, meal, powder
粗い あらい Coarse
粗末 そまつ crude, rough, plain, humble
精々 せいぜい at the most, at best, to the utmost, as much (far) as possible
精神 せいしん mind, soul, heart, spirit, intention
やく approximately, about, some
納得 なっとく consent, assent, understanding
ひも (1) string, cord, (2) pimp
きゅう class, grade, rank, school class, grade
素晴らしい すばらしい wonderful, splendid, magnificent
終える おえる to finish
くみ class, group, team, set
組む くむ to put together
組合 くみあい association, union
組織 そしき (1) organization, (2) structure, construction, (3) tissue, (4) system
経つ たつ to pass, to lapse
経営 けいえい management, administration
経由 けいゆ go by the way, via
経験 けいけん・する experience, to experience
結ぶ むすぶ to tie, to bind, to link
結局 けっきょく after all, eventually
結果 けっか result, consequence
結論 けつろん conclusion
給料 きゅうりょう salary, wages
絵画 かいが picture, paintings
絶対 ぜったい absolute, unconditional, absoluteness
絶滅 ぜつめつ destruction, extinction
続き つづき sequel, continuation
維持 いじ maintenance, preservation
綿 めん cotton, padding
綿 わた cotton, padding
緊張 きんちょう tension, mental strain, nervousness
練習 れんしゅう・する practice, to practice
えん relation, connection, ties, fate
ふち an edge, a brim, a rim,
なわ rope, hemp
たて length, height
繋ぐ つなぐ to tie, to fasten, to connect, to transfer (phone call)
繰り返す くりかえす to repeat, to do something over again
かん can, tin
つみ crime, fault, indiscretion
罰する ばっする to punish, to penalize
署名 しょめい signature
罹る かかる to suffer from
美人 びじん beautiful person (woman)
義務 ぎむ duty, obligation, responsibility
はね counter for birds, counter for rabbits
つばさ wings
老い おい old age, old person, the old, the aged
老人 ろうじん the aged, old person
考え かんがえ thinking, thought, ideas, intention
考慮 こうりょ consideration, taking into account
もの person
しょく employment
職業 しょくぎょう occupation, business
はだ skin
かた shoulder
育つ そだつ to raise (child), to be brought up, to grow (up)
せい height, stature
むね breast, chest
のう ability, talent, a Noh play
能力 のうりょく ability, faculty
わき side
腐る くさる to rot, to go bad
こし hip
はら abdomen, belly, stomach
ひざ knee, lap
自動 じどう automatic, self-motion
自慢 じまん pride, boast
自殺 じさつ suicide
自然 しぜん nature, spontaneous
自身 じしん by oneself, personally
臭い くさい stink, smelly (bad)
至る いたる to come, to arrive
した tongue
舞台 ぶたい stage (theatre)
航空 こうくう aviation, flying
ふね ship, boat, watercraft, shipping, vessel, steamship
芝居 しばい play, drama
芝生 しばふ  lawn
芸術 げいじゅつ (fine) art, the arts

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