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JLPT N3 Grammar: わざわざ (wazawaza)

わざわざ (wazawaza)

Meaning: take the trouble to, taking the time to do

Adverbs are often used to indicate the effort of doing something and expressing thanks, gratitude

Example sentences:
1, 田中さんは私の忘れ物をわざわざ家まで届けてくれた。
Tanaka-san wa watashi no wasuremono o wazawaza ie made todokete kureta.
Mr. Tanaka took efforts to bring something I forgot to bring to my home

2, わざわざ届けてくださって、本当にありがとうございました。
Wazawaza todokete kudasatte, hontōniarigatōgozaimashita.
Thank you for taking the effort to bring to the place

3, 心配してわざわざ来てあげたんだから、もうすこし感謝しなさいよ。
Shinpai shite wazawaza kite ageta ndakara, mō sukoshi kansha shi nasai yo.
Because of worry, I quit my job and came here, you have to be a little grateful

4, 風邪だというから、わざわざみかんまで買ってお見舞いに行ったのに、その恋人にでかけたと言う。
Kazeda to iukara, wazawaza mikan made katte o mimai ni itta no ni, sono koibito ni dekaketa to iu.
Upon hearing that you had a cold, I took the effort to bring tangerines to visit, but after arrived, I was know that you had gone out with her lover.

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