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JLPT N2 Grammar: はともかく (wa tomokaku)

はともかく (wa tomokaku)

Meaning: whether or not; nevermind; regardless of; not to mention

How to use the: Noun + はともかく/はともかくとして

Describe the meaning of “removing that object from the discussed event”. Use in case of priority to present an event in the back, for that it is more important than that event.

Example sentences:
1, 学歴はともかく人柄にやや難点がある。
Gakureki wa tomokaku hitogara ni yaya nanten ga aru.
not to mention the learning process, In terms of personality then not yet

2, 彼が行くかどうかはともかく、初めの計画どおり旅行しよう。
kare ga iku ka dou ka wa tomokaku, hajime no keikaku doori ryokou shiyou.
Whether he’s coming or not, we’ll still go on our trip as planned.

3, フランス語はともかく、英語だけはぜひマスターしてください。
furansugo wa tomokaku, eigo dake wa zehi masutaa shite kudasai.
Never mind French, please master English first.

There is another way to say is Nはともかくとして

Imōto-san wa tomokaku to shite nēsan wa totemo ī-jinda.
Don’t mind the younger sister, Anyway sister is a very nice person