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Useful Japanese Phrases

Useful Japanese Phrases
Essential Japanese Language Phrases for Japanese Beginners.

1. 名前は何ですか
Namae wa nan desu ka?
What’s your name?

2. 私の名前は__です
Watashi no namae wa _____ desu
My name is ______

3. どこから来ましたか
Doko kara kimashita ka?
Where are you from?

Watashi wa ______ kara kimashita
I’m from __________.

5. そうですか
Sou desu ka?
Is that so?/Really?/I see (Hint: this is a great thing to say after learning where someone is from, what they do, or other facts about their life.)

6. いただきます
Let’s dig in (Hint: say this before meals as a way to politely say you’re going to begin enjoying your food.)

Gochisousama deshita
That was delicious (Hint: say this after meals as a way to say thank you.)

Mou ichido kudasai
Could you say that one more time?

Nihongo de perapera de wa nai desu
I’m not very fluent in Japanese (Hint: you’re speaking Japanese already! So you can’t say “I don’t know Japanese at all,” right?)

10. __ていうの意味は何ですか
___ te iu no imi wa nan desu ka?
What does _____ mean?

11. 手伝ってくれませんか
Tetsudatte kuremasen ka?
Can you help me?

12. 私は__です
Watashi wa _____ desu
I’m a _______ (Hint: you can fill this blank with anything you feel describes you. That might be a “student” (gakusei), “tourist” (kankoukyaku), or even “doctor” (isha)!

13. 大丈夫です
Daijoubu desu
That’s okay

Tanjoubi omedetou
Happy birthday

15. じゃまた
Ja, mata
Well, see you (Hint: this is the much more common “goodbye.”)

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