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JLPT N3 Grammar: とともに (totomoni)

とともに (totomoni)

Meaning: together with

How to use the:
Vる + とともに
N + とともに

Describe two things happening at the same time or if one change involves another.

Example sentences:
1, 仲間とともに作業に励んでいる
Nakama totomoni sagyō ni hagende iru
I am working hard with friends

2, 家族とともに幸せな人生を歩んできた
Kazoku totomoni shiawasena jinsei o ayunde kita
I have lived a happy life with my family

3, 年をとるとともに目が悪かった。
Toshiwotoru totomoni me ga warukatta.
As he grew older, his eyes were bad.

4, テレビの普及とともに、映画は衰退した。
Terebi no fukyū totomoni, eiga wa suitai shita.
Film has deteriorated with the popularization of television

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