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JLPT N3 Grammar: とても~ない (totemo~nai)

とても~ない (totemo~nai)

Meaning: cannot possibly; there is no way

Used to express strongly that something is impossible to do

Example sentences:
1, こんな難しい問題はとても私には解けません。
Kon’na muzukashī mondai wa totemo watashiniha tokemasen.
A difficult math problem like this, I can’t solve

2, あの美しさはとても言葉では表現できない。
Ano utsukushi-sa wa totemo kotobade wa hyōgen dekinai.
That beauty cannot be expressed in words.

3, 一度にこんなにたくさんの単語はとても覚えられません。
Ichido ni kon’nani takusan no tango wa totemo oboe raremasen.
I can’t remember so many words at once.

The main verb is usually divided in the form of ability or automatically from the form of possibility とてもV可能形ない/見えない、分からない、聞こえないなど

Sensei no setsumei ga muzukashikattanode, totemo nani mo wakaranai yo.
The teacher’s explanation is too hard to understand

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