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JLPT N4 Grammar: とおりに (toori ni)

とおりに (toori ni)

Meaning: in the same way as; in the way; as, according

How to use the: Verb + とおりに

– Used to describe in writing, movements, words, etc. (Verb 2) something as heard or learned, etc. (Verb 1). Verb 1 remains in its original form if the action it indicates will be performed in the future, or in the 「た」 form if the action has been taken.
– Used to indicate an action that is performed in accordance with the content indicated in the noun.

Example sentences:
1, わたしが言ったとおりに書いてください。
Watashi ga itta toori ni kaite kudasai.
Please write according to me said

2, 線のとおりに、紙を切ってください
Sen no toori ni,-shi o kitte kudasai
Please cut according to this the line

3, 見たとおりに、話してください
Mita toori ni, hanashite kudasai
Say exactly what you saw

4, かれはいわれたとおりにした。
kare wa iwareta toori ni shita.
He did as he was told.

5, 説明書のとおりに、組み立てました。
Setsumeisho no toori ni, kumitatemashita.
assembled it according to the instructions.