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JLPT N4 Grammar: と思う (to omou)

と思う (to omou)

Meaning: to think…; I think…; you think…

How to use the:
Verb/いadj + と思う
Noun/なadj + だと思う

This can be used to describe your own thoughts or someone else’s thoughts.

Example sentences:
1, その件は前も話したと思うけど?
sono ken wa mae mo hanashita to omou kedo.
I think we talked about that.

2, これでおしまいだと思う?
kore de oshimaida to omou.
Do you think this is the end?

3, それはかなりむずかしいだとおもいます。
sore wa kanari muzukashii da to omoimasu.
I think that is extremely difficult.

4, 仕事を続けるのはむりだと思う。
shigoto o tsudzukeru no wa muri da to omou.
I don’t think I can continue this job.