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JLPT N3 Grammar: というと (to iu to)

というと (to iu to)

Meaning: if it were the case that…, then certainly; if one were to speak of… then certainly .

How to use the: Noun + というと/といえば

From a remembered topic, think of

Example sentences:
1, 韓国ドラマというと「冬のソナタ」を思い出すという人が多い。
kankoku dorama to iu to fuyu no sonata o omoidasu to iu hito ga ooi.
Speaking of Korean drama, many people think of Winter Sonata.

2, 北海道というと、広い草原や牛の群れを思い出す。
Hokkaidō to iu to, hiroi sōgen ya ushinomure o omoidasu.
When I think of Hokkaido, I remember vast prairies and herds of cows

3, 日本の古都というと、京都、奈良でしょう。
Speaking of Japan’s ancient cities, Kyoto and Nara come to mind.
nihon no koto to iu to, kyouto, nara deshou.

4, 百万ドルといえばたいへんな金額ですよ。
One million dollars is a lot of money.
hyakuman doru to ieba taihen na kingaku desu yo.

というと is similar to といえば

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