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JLPT N3 Grammar: といっても (to ittemo)

といっても (to ittemo)

Meaning: although I say; although one might say; although called

How to use the:
Noun + (だ)といっても
Verb-casual + といっても
いadj + といっても
なadj + (だ)といっても

Actual description compared to what is thought from that is different.

Example sentences:
1, 雪が降ったといっても、ほんの少しで、すぐ消えてしまいました。
Yuki ga futta to ittemo, hon’nosukoshi de, sugu kiete shimaimashita.
It said it was snowing, but it only dropped a little bit, and then melted immediately

2, 日本語の勉強を始めたといっても、まだ三ヶ月にすぎない。
nihongo no benkyou o hajimeta to ittemo, mada sankagetsu ni suginai.
Although I said that I started learning Japanese, it has only been 3 months.

3, 日本舞踊ができるといっても、ほんのお遊び程度です。
Nihon buyō ga dekiru to ittemo, hon’no o asobi-teidodesu.
It is said that Japanese dance is actually just at the level of dancing to play

4, 田舎へ帰るといっても、一週間程度で、すぐまた帰って来ます。
Inaka e kaeru to ittemo, isshūkan-teido de, sugu mata kaette kimasu.
I said I would go back to my hometown but I will go up in a week

5, 料理ができるといっても、卵焼きぐらいです。
ryouri ga dekiru to ittemo, tamagoyaki gurai desu.
Although I said that I can cook, I can only make fried eggs.