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JLPT N5 Grammar: と言います(to iimasu)

と言います(to iimasu)

Meaning: say, tell, speak

We use the auxiliary「と」 to indicate the content of 「い い ま す」
When I quote directly, I leave that quote alone and put it inside in 「」
When quoted indirectly, we use the ordinary form in front of 「と」. The duration of the quoted quote does not depend on the time of speaking

Example sentences:
1, ご飯を食べるまえに「いただきます」といいました。
Gohanwotaberu mae ni [itadakimasu] to iimashita.
Before eat, often say [wish everyone a good treat]

2, 彼は「その子を妹だ」と言います
Kare wa [Sonoko o imōtoda] to iimasu
He said that little girl was his younger sister

3, あの人は私のことを馬鹿だと言いました。
Ano hito wa watashi no koto o bakada to iimashita.
He said I was a fool