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JLPT N1 Grammar: といえども (to ie domo)

といえども (to ie domo)

Meaning: even; even if

How to use the: Noun + といえども

Although … but, certainly …. but
Although (people) are at that level, (~ is a high level example given)

Example sentences:
1, 冬山はベテランの登山家といえども、遭難する危険がある。
Fuyuyama wa beteran no tozan-ka to ie domo, sōnan suru kiken ga aru.
Winter climbers, even an experienced climber, are at risk have an accident

2, スポーツマンの家田さんといえども、風邪には勝てなかったらしい。
Supōtsuman no Ieda-san to ie domo, kaze ni wa katenakattarashī.
Even sportsman Ieda-san seemed unable to win the cold.

3, 幼児といえども彼の名は知っている。
youji to ie domo kare no na wa shitte iru.
Even babies know his name.

4, 25歳といえども、まだ大学生なのながら、結婚は早いと母は言う。
25-Sai to ie domo, mada daigakuseina nonagara, kekkon wa hayai to haha wa iu.
My father said that even though was 25 years old, he was still a student so getting married was too early.

5, 軽い風邪といえども用心するに越したことはない。
karui kaze to ie domo youjin suru ni koshita koto wa nai.
You should be careful even if it’s just a mild cold.