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JLPT N1 Grammar: 手前 (temae)

手前 (temae)

Meaning: before; in front of; one’s standpoint; because…

How to use the:
Verb-casual + 手前
Noun + の手前

Demonstrate meaning for a reason, when thinking on the stance it is necessary … and if not followed later, then feel problematic, ashamed.

Example sentences:
1, 知っていると言った手前、わたしがやらざるを得なくなった。
Shitte iru to itta temae, watashi ga yarazaru o enaku natta.
Precisely because I said I knew it, I had to do it

2, この仕事は先生に紹介してもらった手前、すぐにはやめることはできない。
Kono shigoto wa sensei ni shōkai shite moratta temae, sugu ni hayameru koto wa dekinai.
This job is because the teacher introduced it, so I can’t think of it right away.

3, 生徒達の手前、この言葉を知らないとは言えない。
seitotachi no temae, kono kotoba o shiranai towa ienai.
I can’t admit that I don’t know this word in front of my students.