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JLPT N5 Grammar: てもいいです (te mo ii desu)

てもいいです (te mo ii desu)

Meaning: You can do… ; You may do

How to use the:
Verb (て form) + もいい (です)
な-adjective + で + もいい (です)
Noun + で + + もいい (です)

This sentence pattern is used to signify permission to do something.
If this sentence becomes a question, we will get a permission question.
When answering, pay attention to the delicate response when refusing.

Example sentences:
1, 本を読んでもいいです。
Hon o yonde mo ii desu.
You can read the book.

2, タバコを吸ってもいいですか?
Tabako o sutte mo ii desu ka?
Can I smoke Taba?

3, この本をもらってもいいですか?
Kono-pon o moratte mo ii desu ka?
Can I get this book?

4, はい、行ってもいいですよ!
Hai, itte mo ii desu yo!
Sure, (you may) go ahead!

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