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JLPT N5 Grammar: てください (te kudasai)

てください (te kudasai)

Meaning: Please do something

How to use the: Verb てform (te form) + ください (kudasai)

This phrase is used when the speaker wants to ask, ask, or advise the listener. Do not use this form with discretion.

Example sentences:
1. すみませんが、この漢字の読み方を教えてください。
Sumimasen ga, kono kanji no yomikata o oshie te kudasai.
Sorry, show me how to read this kanji.

2. じゃ、よく考えて知らせてください。
ja, yoku kangaete shirasete kudasai.
Well, please think it over and let me know.

3. ここに住所と名前を書いてください。
Koko ni jūsho to namae o kaite kudasai.
Please write your address and name here.

4. ぜひ遊びに来てください。
Zehi asobi ni kite kudasai.
Definitely come to my place to play

dou sureba ii no ka oshiete kudasai.
Please tell me what to do.

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