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JLPT N5 Grammar: てから (te kara)

てから (te kara)

Meaning: after doing something; since

How to use the: Verbてfrom + から

This sentence pattern is used to indicate that the action in verb 2 is performed after the action in verb 1 has ended. The time of the sentence is determined by the time of the final verb.

Example sentences:
1, 夏休みになってから一度も学校に行っていない。
Natsuyasumi ni natte kara ichido mo gakkō ni itte inai.
I have never been to school since summer vacation.

2, その件は、ここにもどってきてから心配しよう。
sono ken wa, koko ni modotte kite kara shinpai shiyou
We’ll worry about that when we come back.

3, 国へ帰ってから、大学で働きます。
Kuni e kaette kara, daigaku de hatarakimasu.
I return to my country and work at the university.

4, 授業が終わったら,スーパーへ行きました。
Jugyō ga owattara, sūpā e ikimashita.
When the class was over, I went to the supermarket.

5, 仕事が終わってから、どこへ報告にまいりましょう?
shigoto ga owatte kara, doko e houkoku ni mairimashou.
Where shall I report to you when I’ve completed my chores?

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