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JLPT N1 Grammar: てかなわない (te kanawanai)

てかなわない (te kanawanai)

Meaning: can’t stand; unable to

How to use the:
Verb-てform + (は)かなわない
いadj (-い) + くて(は)かなわない
なadj + で(は)かなわない

Limited words that express feelings, feelings, desires.
Express the meaning can not withstand, ~ is very. And used as a bad impression.

Example sentences:
1, 毎日こう寒くてはかなわない。
mainichi kou samukute wa kanawanai.
I can’t stand this cold weather every day.

2, 隣のうちの犬がこううるさくてはかなわない。
Tonari no uchinoinu ga kō urusakute wa kanawanai.
The dog next door is noisy like this, so unbearable

3, 隣の工事がうるさくてかなわない。
tonari no kouji ga urusakute kanawanai.
I can’t stand the noise from the construction going on next door.