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JLPT N1 Grammar: たる (taru)

たる (taru)

Meaning: (those) who are; (that) which is

How to use the: Noun 1 + たるもの + Noun 2

Use in case of stance display, position, role, “AたるB” if B is A then

Example sentences:
1, 教師たる者、学生に対して常に公平であるべきだ。
Kyōshitaru mono, gakusei ni taishite tsuneni kōheidearubekida.
As a teacher must always be fair to students

2, 大学生たる者が、パソコンを使えないのは恥ずかしい。
Daigakuseitaru mono ga, pasokon o tsukaenai no wa hazukashī.
University students should feel ashamed if they are not being able to use computers.

3, 公務員たる者、犯罪を犯しては許さない。
Kōmuintaru mono, hanzai o okashite wa yurusanai.
Public servants must not commit crimes.

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