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JLPT N4 Grammar: たら (tara)

たら (tara)

Meaning: if… then; after; when

How to use the:
Verb-casual, past + ら
Noun + だったら
いadj-たform + ら
なadj + だったら

This sentence is used to indicate that a certain action or behavior will be performed, or a situation will occur, an event, a movement or a certain state will certainly occur in the future. .

Example sentences:
1, 雨だったら道が混雑するだろう。
Amedat tara michi ga konzatsu surudarou.
If it rains, the road will be crowded.

2, もしも、あまり高かったら誰も買わないでしょう。
Moshimo,-amari takakat tara dare mo kawanaideshou.
If it is too high, no one will buy it.

3, 何かあったらそのボタンを押してください。
nanika attara sono botan o oshite kudasai.
Please push that button if anything happens.

4, お酒飲んだら絶対に運転はするな。
O sake nondara zettai ni unten wa suru na.
Absolutely not drive after drinking.

5, あらゆる手段が失敗したら、あきらめて図書館へ行け。
arayuru shudan ga shippai shitara, akiramete toshokan e ike.
When all else fails, give up and go to the library.

6, 結婚したら仕事をやめたい。
Kekkon shitara shigoto o yametai.
After getting married I want to think about doing