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JLPT N3 Grammar: せいぜい (seizei)

せいぜい (seizei)

Meaning: at the most; at best; to the utmost

How to use the:
せいぜい + Noun (period of time)
せいぜい + Verb

Example sentences:
1, 給料が安くて、一人で暮らすのがせいぜいだ。
Kyūryō ga yasukute, hitori de kurasu no ga seizeida.
My salary is too low, I try hard enough to live alone

2, 忙しい会社で、年末でもせいぜい三日くらいしか休めません。
Isogashī kaisha de, nenmatsu demo seizei mikka kurai shika yasumemasen.
As a busy company, so the end of the year but it can only rest a maximum of 3 days

3, ふるさとと言われて思い出すことといえばせいぜい秋祭りくらいですね。
Furusato to iwa rete omoidasu koto to ieba seizei akimatsuri kuraidesu ne.
The things that I recall when I mention my old countryside, maybe a lot are just autumn festivals.

4, 休暇はせいぜい一週間しかとれない。
kyuuka wa seizei isshuukan shika torenai.
I can only take one week off work.

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