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JLPT N2 Grammar: せいか (seika)

せいか (seika)

Meaning: Maybe because …; perhaps because

How to use the:
Aい-adjective + せい+ か
AVerb: Casual + せい+ か
ANoun + の + せい+ か

The description of the situation cannot be made clear but is the cause of the arising.

Example sentences:
1, 春になったせいでしょうか、いくら寝ても眠くてたまりません。
Haru ni natta seideshou ka, ikura nete mo nemukute tamarimasen.
Probably because it is spring no matter how much I sleep, I’m still feel sleepy.

2, 年のせいか、この頃疲れやすい。
Toshi no seika, konogoro tsukare yasui.
Probably due to age, I’m a little tired lately

3, 年頃になってせいか、彼女は一段ときれいになった。
Toshigoro ni natte seika, kanojo wa ichidanto kirei ni natta.
Maybe it’s because of puberty that she’s so pretty

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