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JLPT N2 Grammar: さすが(に)sasuga (ni)

さすが(に)sasuga (ni)

Meaning: indeed; as expected, after all; as is

Example sentences:
1, さすが山田さんだねえ。うまいねえ。
Sasuga Yamada-sanda nē. Umai nē.
As expected, it is Mr. Yamada. It’s good.

2, 沖縄でもさすがに冬の夜は寒いね。
Okinawa demo sasuga ni fuyunoyo wa samui ne.
Even in Okinawa, it’s inevitable, winter nights are really cold.

3, 本当の事を言ったとはさすがに勇気がある。
Hontō no koto o itta to wa sasuga ni yūki ga aru.
You were courageous to tell the truth.

When going with sample sentence さすがは~だけあって means as desired, as is.

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