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JLPT N3 Grammar: さらに~(~更に) sarani (sarani)

さらに~(~更に) sarani ~(~sarani)

Meaning: furthermore; again; more and more

How to use the: さらに + phrase

The expression expressed more progressively than the present. Expression of words in writing, in addition to using polite speech. When used together with quantity, it means more.

Example sentences:
1, 途中の小屋まで5時間、それから頂上まではさらに2時間かかった。
Tochū no koya made 5-jikan, sorekara chōjō made wa sarani 2-jikan kakatta.
It took us 5 hours to climb to the hut halfway up the mountain, then from there to reach the summit., we took more than 2 hours

2, さらに5人お各が店に入りました
Sarani 5-ri o kaku ga mise ni hairimashita
5 more customers have entered the store

3, あの建物は高いがあの建物はさらに高い
Ano tatemono wa takaiga ano tatemono wa sarani kō i
This building is tall but the other is even higher