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Sample sayings of sorry in Japanese

Sorry Japanese has a lot of different uses for each object to show your courtesy as well as your respect for the person you are communicating with.

1. すみません or ごめんなさい
(sumimasen or gomennasai )

2. 私 のせいです
(watashi no seidesu )
It was my fault

3. 私 の 不 注 意 でした
(Watashi no fu chū ideshita )
I was very careless

4. そんな 心 算 ではありませんでした
(Sonna kokoro sande wa arimasendeshita )
I do not mean that.

5. 今 度はきちんとします
(Kondo wa kichintoshimasu )
I will do it right next time.

6. お待たせして 申 し 訳 ありません
(Omataseshite mou wakearimasen )
Sorry for making you wait

7. 遅 くなって済みません
(Osoku natta sumimasen )
Forgive me for being late.

8. ご 迷 惑 ですか?
(Gomeiwakudesuka )
Am I disturbing you?

9. ちょっと、お手数をおかけしてよろしいでしょうか
(Chotto, otesuu wo okakeshite yoroshiideshyouka )
Can i bother you a little

10. ちょっと、待って 下 さい
(Chotto matte kudasai )
Please wait a moment

11. 少々, 失 礼 します
(Shyou shyou shitureishimasu )
Excuse me, please

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