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Question words in Japanese

Question words in Japanese
By mastering these question words, your conversational skills will be much stronger.

Kanji Hiragana Romaji Meaning
だれ dare Who
どこ doko Where
なに nani What
いつ itsu When
どうして doushite Why
なぜ naze Why

い つ (itsu) : when

いつ きました か?
itsu kimashita ka?
When did you come?

ど こ (doko) : where

どこ から きました か?
doko kara kimashita ka?
Where did you come from?

どうして (doushite) : why

どうして きました か?
doushite kimashita ka?
Why did you come?

な ぜ (naze) : why


だ れ (dare) : who

だれが きました か。
dare ga kimashita ka?
Who came?

何 (nani) : what

nani wo kaimashita ka.
What did you buy?

Main points:
Even with the question word a ka is used. (Except in casual spoken Japanese.)
The question word is at the beginning, but after the topic particle wa if there is one.

あなた は だれ です か?
anata wa dare desu ka?
Who are you? (the question word dare is after the wa)