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JLPT N1 Grammar: 覚えはない (oboe wa nai)

 覚えはない (oboe wa nai)

Meaning: no remember

Used to express the adequacy of yourself, thinking that you are not bad because you have never done so before.
In addition, it is also used when criticizing the object that there is no reason or a basis to be made.

Example sentences:
1, 彼があんなに怒るようなことを言った覚えはないんだけど。
Kare ga an’nani okoru yōna koto o itta oboe wanai ndakedo.
I don’t remember what I said to make him so angry

2, 私はあなたにお金を借りた覚えはありません。
Watashi wa anata ni okane o karita oboe wa arimasen.
I don’t remember borrowing money from you.

3, こちらは山田にいじめられた覚えはないのだが、山田は「いじめて悪かった」と謝ってきた。
Kochira wa Yamada ni ijime rareta oboe wa nai nodaga, Yamada wa `ijimete warukatta’ to ayamatte kita.
I don’t remember being bullied by Yamada, but he came and said, “Sorry for bullying you yesterday.”

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