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JLPT N1 Grammar: を限りに (o kagiri ni)

を限りに (o kagiri ni)

Meaning: starting from…; to the full extent of

How to use the: Noun + を限りに/限りで

Used with the idea that N is the last time for something. N here is N time like 「今日」、「今回」など。。。

Example sentences:
1, 今日を限りに今までのことはきれいさっぱり忘れよう。
Kyō o kagiri ni ima made no koto wa kirei sappari wasureyou.
Starting tomorrow let us forget everything from before to here

2, 明日の大晦日を限りにこの店は閉店する。
Ashita no ōmisoka o kagiri ni kono mise wa heiten suru.
This shop will open until tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, then it will be closed.

3, 今日を限りにタバコをやめることにした。
kyou o kagiri ni tabako o yameru koto ni shita.
I’ve decided to quit smoking starting from today.

4, この会は今回を限りに解散することとなりました。
Kono kai wa konkai o kagiri ni kaisan suru koto to narimashita.
decided that after this meeting, this group would be dismissed.

5, 実は、今日を限りに会社を辞めることにしたんです。
jitsu wa, kyou o kagiri ni kaisha o yameru koto ni shitan desu.
Actually, I’ve decided to quit my job after today.

を限りに is similar to をかぎりに