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JLPT N1 Grammar: にかこつけて (ni kakotsukete)

にかこつけて (ni kakotsukete)

Meaning: pretext of; Get the reason; get an excuse …

How to use the: Noun + にかこつけて

Use in case of indicating the use of an object / thing as a reason to take further action. Often the reason for justification is not good.

Example sentences:
1, 仕事にかこつけてヨーロッパ旅行を楽しんできた。
Shigoto ni kakotsukete yōroppa ryokō o tanoshinde kita.
it take the name of a business trip to Europe to travel

2, 病気にかこつけて仕事もせずにぶらぶらしている。
Byōki ni kakotsukete shigoto mo sezu ni burabura shite iru.
Get the excuse of being sick, so as not to work, just stay at home

3, 病気にかこつけて会に出席しなかった。
Byōki ni kakotsukete kai ni shusseki shinakatta.
I was ill and didn’t attend the meeting.