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N3 Vocabulary – Unit 8

N3 Vocabulary – Unit 8
All Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT N3. JLPT N3 Vocabulary List.
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No. Kanji  Hiragana Meaning
591 非常に ひじょうに very; urgency
592 大変に たいへんに terribly, greatly
593 ほとんど nearly; hardly
594 大体 だいたい most; about
595 かなり fairly, quite
596 ずいぶん considerably
597 けっこう pretty, very
598 大分 だいぶん / だいぶ mostly, fairly, A lot
599 もっと more
600 しっかり completely, quite
601 いっぱい full
602 ぎりぎり barely, the last minute
603 ぴったり exactly; closely; perfectly; suddenly
604 たいてい usually, mostly
605 同時に どうじに simultaneously; on the other hand
606 前もって まえもって in advance
607 すぐに immediate(ly); right
608 もうすぐ soon
609 突然 とつぜん suddenly
610 あっという間に あっというまに in a flash
611 いつの間にか いつのまにか before one knows
612 しばらく for a moment, for a while
613 ずっと by far; very; all the time
614 相変わらず あいかわらず as usual, unchanged
615 次々に つぎつぎに one after another
616 どんどん steadily, farther and farther, more and more; bang
617 ますます increasingly, more and more
618 やっと finally, barely
619 とうとう finally, at long last, after all
620 ついに at long last, in the end
621 もちろん of course, naturally
622 やはり as expected; still; after all
623 きっと certainly; without fail
624 ぜひ really (want to do), by all means
625 なるべく as much as possible
626 案外 あんがい surprisingly
627 もしかすると・もしかしたら・もしかして maybe
628 まさか no way, never (dream of)
629 うっかり absentmindedly
630 つい in spite of oneself, involuntarily
631 思わず おもわず instinctively, uncounsciously
632 ほっと relieved, to my relief
633 いらいら irritated
634 のんびり leisurely, laidback, dawdlingly
635 実は じつは to tell the truth, actually