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N3 Vocabulary – Unit 12

N3 Vocabulary – Unit 12
All Japanese Vocabulary for JLPT N3. JLPT N3 Vocabulary List.
Hope, the above document will be helpful for those who are studying Japanese.
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No. Kanji  Hiragana Meaning
846 ぐっすり soundly
847 きちんと properly; exactly; neat
848 しっかり firmly, hard; reliable
849 はっきり clearly, definitely
850 じっと intently, patiently; still
851 そっと quietly; gently; leaving alone
852 別々に べつべつに separately
853 それぞれ each, respective
854 互いに たがいに each other
855 直接 ちょくせつ directly, on one’s own
856 本当に ほんとうに really; to tell the truth
857 必ず かならず surely, without fail; always
858 絶対に ぜったいに absouletly; never
859 特に とくに especially, in particular
860 ただ just; only
861 少なくとも すくなくとも at least
862 決して けっして never
863 少しも すこしも (not) at all
864 ちっとも (not) at all
865 全く まったく (not) at all; completely; really
866 とても very; hardly
867 どんなに how much; no matter how
868 どうしても by all means, not matter what; just (can’t)
869 まるで just like; (not) at all
870 一体 いったい what in the world
871 別に べつに nothing in particular
872 たった just
873 ほんの just, merely
874 それで so, then
875 そこで and so
876 そのうえ what’s more
877 また and; or; also
878 または or
879 それとも or
880 つまり that is, in other words

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