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Learn N3 Kanji Unit 54: 他, 身, 酒, 吸, 欲

Learn N3 Kanji Unit 54: 他, 身, 酒, 吸, 欲


Meaning : other, another, the others

Onyomi : た
Kunyomi :

Common words using this Kanji:
他方 (たほう): one (esp. of two); the other; one way; the other way
他社 (たしゃ): another company; other company
他国 (たこく): foreign country; other country
他者 (たしゃ): another person; others
他界 (たかい): death; the next world
排他 (はいた):exclusion
諸他 (しょた): many others; various other things

他の(たの/ ほかの):other (place, thing, person); the rest​ (ほかの is a common reading, たの is used in newspaper…)
その他(そのた):etc.; otherwise; besides; in addition; the rest; the others; and so forth


Meaning : somebody, person, one’s station in life

Onyomi : しん
Kunyomi : み

Common words using this Kanji:
身長(しんちょう):height (of body); stature​
独身(どくしん):bachelorhood; single; unmarried; celibate​
刺身(さしみ): Sasimi
身分(みぶん):social position; social status​


Meaning : sake, alcohol

Onyomi : しゅ
Kunyomi : さけ, さか

Common words using this Kanji:
お酒(おさけ):alcohol; sake​
日本酒(にほんしゅ):sake; Japanese rice wine​
料理酒(りょうりしゅ):cooking sake​
酒屋(さかや):liquor store; wine shop; bottle shop


Meaning : suck, imbibe, inhale, sip

Onyomi : きゅう
Kunyomi : す-う

Common words using this Kanji

呼吸(こきゅう):breathing; respiration​
吸収 (きゅうしゅう): absorption; suction; attraction​
一呼吸 (ひとこきゅう): short pause; short interval

吸う(すう):to smoke; to breathe in; to inhale​


Meaning : onging, covetousness, greed, passion, desire, craving

Onyomi : よく
Kunyomi : ほ-しい

Common words using this Kanji:
食欲(しょくよく):appetite (for food)
欲望 (よくぼう): desire; appetite; lust
大欲 (たいよく): avarice
欲心 (よくしん): greed
欲念 (よくねん): desire; wish; passion
意欲(いよく):will; desire; ambition; urge (e.g. creative urge)​

欲しい(ほしい):wanted; wished for; in need of; desired​